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Bracelet Size Calculation

  1. Wrap the string, ribbon or floss around your wrist so it’s snug but not too tight.
  2. Make sure the string or whatever you’re using lies flat and isn’t twisted.
  3.  Pinch the spot where the string crisscrosses the starting point. You can also cut the string or floss at that point.
  4. Place your ruler on a flat surface and align the measuring string starting at the zero (0) inch mark. Add a half inch to determine the right bracelet size.

Bracelet Size Chart

Tight Wrist Measure MMTight Wrist Measure InchesOrder Bracelet Length InchesUse for Women, Men and Children Bracelet Sizes
Use GuidenceNA4 INNewborn – 6 mos.
Use GuidenceNA4.5 INChild 6 – 12 Months
Use GuidenceNA5 INChild 12 – 24 Months
Use GuidenceNA5.5 INChild 2 – 5 Years
129.5 MM – 139.7 MM5.1 IN -5.5 IN6 INChild 6 – 8 Years
150.8 MM5.9 IN6.5 INTween 9 – 13 Years
160 MM6.3 IN7 INWomen’s Small
170.1 MM6.7 IN7 .5 INWomen Medium Mens Small
180.34 MM7.1 IN8 INWomen Large Mens Medium
190.5 MM7.5 IN8.5 INWomen X-Large Mens Medium
208.2 MM – 215.9 MM8.2 IN – 8.5 IN9 INWomen X-Large Mens Large
228.6 MM9 IN9.5 INMens X- Large
216 MM – 228.6 MM8.5 IN – 9 IN9.5 IN – 10 IN AnkletWomen Adjustable Extension
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