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Necklace Size Calculation

  • Hold a flexible measuring tape, a piece of long string or ribbon around your neck joining both ends at the point where you want your necklace to rest.
  • If you would like to wear a pendant on that chain, then do consider the additional pendant length when considering the endpoint of the chain.

Note the length in centimeters or inches (use a ruler to measure the string/ribbon).

Necklace Size Chart

Length InchesLength CentimetersGuide to Standard Necklace Sizes
1435.56This size fits snugly around the neck, resembling a choker.
1640.64This length gracefully encircles the base of the neck like a collar. On petite individuals, it rests delicately on the collarbone, while on plus-size women, it may have a choker-like fit.
1845.72A popular choice that drapes just below the throat, resting elegantly on the collarbone. This length is ideal for showcasing pendants over crew necklines.
2050.8Falling a few inches below the collarbone, this size provides a bit more breathing room. Perfect for pairing with low or plunging necklines, or for layering over turtlenecks.
2255.88Sitting at or slightly above a low neckline, this length adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.
2460.96This size gracefully hangs below any neckline, offering versatility in styling.
3691.44Often seen with pearl strands, this length extends below the bosom. It can be worn as a single, long strand or doubled for a shorter 18-inch necklace look.
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